Short Overview:

15 000 Gray (machina eX)

type of project: independent

published: 2011

by: machina eX



license(s): several different. see repositories


cued by: humans, machines

15 000 Gray

15000 Gray is the second real life point and click adventure game.

This time the game is set in a laboratory: Professor Hövel makes a groundbreaking discovery. But the knowledge is in danger of falling into the wrong hands. What will you do? Solve the mysteries, experience the story, save the world (or something)!

machina eX wanted to build an experience that worked as their first real life game “Maurice” yet fit into a 50 minute festival setup and was tourable. 15000 Gray was their attempt to create such a real life point and click adventure game.

Needs a loft space, rehearsal space, or any space that is not visibly a stage, larger than 40sqm and that can be darkened completely and provides at least 2 power circuits. The tech department needs either a corner of the space that can be hidden from the audience members or an adjacent space with possiblity to run cables into and from the performance space The audience also needs a small space (can be a hallway) with a door that is sheltered enough to let them wait before the performance and take part in a short tutorial/introduction by one team member

floorplan (more information in the git repository):

  • floortype: any not too bright floor (light reflections are usually no issue, unless floor is white or very light grey)
  • videos displaying space: can be found at (fragment, password protected, please contact to access)

15000 Gray is run as shows: 50 min play time. approx. 15min+ reset time between shows. clear maximum running time. might end earlier though.

The audience will walk freely inside of the performance space and will be allowed to touch props and set of the piece.

3 performers, 1 technician for cueing, 1 person as runner and for introduction.

needs at least 1 and maximum 16 audience members / players per game session/show

listed in repository (see above) as well on floor plan (see above). The floor plan also gives a good orientation over the positioning of all devices and lights

15 000 Gray is highly tourable. It fits into a small transporter or 2 small vehicles.

A recent stage rider / tech rider can be found at this google doc

15 000 is based on several custom made devices that work as inter(re)active props in the play. Those items will be handled and used by performers as well as audience members (!) / players. Most of them are build with Arduino compatible microcontrollers.

All devices as well as their function, interfaces and building instructions are described in the git repository under /devices

 ccnc by Robin Junicke

(ccnc) by Robin Junicke

see respository /Ausstattung for a complete list and explanation of the prop and stage setup!

  1. Is the show run / cued by humans?
    • yes: 1 technician, 1 runner / introduction performer
  2. Is the show (or parts of it) run automatically?
  3. Is there a human controlled system to open/close those automatic cues or are they always open?
    • yes: the cueing system sometimes cues directly or on performer’s spoken cues, yet sometimes opens digital sensor systems checking for audience members’ input on interactive props (describes in the git repository under /devices
  4. Is there a written cuelist and/or some other data representing the flow of things happening in the show?
  5. Is there a video/audio/media (not just written) documentation about the show? - yes: please provide hyperlink and/or embed like this:

Migros Trailer to 15kGray

Winner of the Juryprice of the 100° Festival Berlin. Invited to Festival Impulse, Best OFF Festival of Stiftung Niedersachsens and to Körber-Studio für Junge Regie.

Financed via Crowdfunding-Plattform, and machina eX

by machina eX Idee, Konzept und Durchführung: Laura Alisa Schäffer, Jan Philip Steimel Performance und Dramaturgie: Anna Sina Fries, Laura Naumann, Yves Regenass Sprecher: Lasse Marburg, Jan Philip Steimel Produktionsleitung: Nele Katharina Lenz Ausstattung: Anna Sina Fries Soundtrack & Sounddesign: Mathias Prinz Programmierung, Technisches Rätseldesign, Hacking & Elektrotechnik: Lasse Marburg, Robin Krause, Jan Philip Steimel

Testing: Marielle Schavan, Thomas Stöckl, Karl Flenders, Thomas Mielmann, Johanna Stapelfeld, Lucas Humann, Gianna Pargätzi, Henning Schlüter, Jakob, Lukas Rik, u.v.m. Gesponsert von: EventSupport, fph logistics Gefördert via Manuel Mai, Denis Bartelt, rena, richtgut, rumpler, sally, karinnaumann, Mathias Mertens, fraujule, Gero Fallisch, Sven Golob, Tom Felbeck, carolingerlach, emmi59, Andreas , Koch, Matthias Kröner, maiket, Sebastian Standke, projektariel, Martin Ganteföhr, Bogus F. Trumper, Michael Kranixfeld, Tino Kreßner, vielen vielen Dank!

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