type of project: fellow research project

published: 2021

by: Luise Ehrenwerth




connecting:stitches (Luise Ehrenwerth)

“Verbindungsstich” (connecting stitch) is a handcraft term that describes the process of sewing together two parts and by that making it one. “Connection” is an expression often used in a technological way. In her research project at ATD Luise Ehrenwerth combines costume making and digital technologies. Her questions are: How is digitality influencing our body understanding and how could digital technologies change the art of costume making? Is there a digital body and if yes, how is it different to an analogue one? What is a digital costume – and is a digital costume still a costume?

The project is divided into three paths:

First of all there is the interest in eTextiles and especially textile sensors made of conductive materials. With those implemented in a costume, the wearers would have a textile digital interface with which they could change things in their surrounding (like lights or sound). The idea is to enhance the costume's status from an non-technological “clothing” to an active digital play partner.

Then, secondly, there is the plan to produce different types of textile image marker for augmented reality, that could be integrated in the costumes and reveal a digital costume overlay (or any other information) in AR. For that experimental set-up diverse techniques of handcrafting will be used, like stitching, patchworking or textile printing.

The third topic refers to digital only performances like VR or other virtual theater formats. How can costume designers still be part of the creative process, especially if they don't have the 3D-modelling or programming skills? How differs their artistic work from classical costume making when the goal is to design a costume for a digital theater piece?

Luise Ehrenwerth is a costume designer, stage designer and scenographer. Her background is in spoken theater: Before studying stage and costume design at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden from 2012 till 2018, she gained experience as a costume design assistant at Burgtheater Vienna. Since her diploma she works as a freelancer for theater, film and everything inbetween. Although she always had a big interest in digital technologies, her experiences in this field are very basic. Taking the path into digital theater production through her costume crafting skills is her attempt to get a more profound and practical knowledge in the field of eTextiles, microcontrollers and how to implement them in clothes and furthermore in setting up augmented reality apps.

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