type of project: fellow research project

published: 2020

by: Regie/Text/Idee: Roman Senkl (minus.eins), Creative Coding/Technische Leitung: Nils Corte (minus.eins), 3D Visuals: Max Schweder

website(s): phsuite.de

license(s): MIT

maintainer(s)/contact: leitung@minuseins.net


Das HOUSE 0.1 (minus.eins feat. Max Schweder)

Das HOUSE 0.1, directed by Roman Senkl, co developed by Nils Corte and Max Schweder, is an immersive, interactive, real time 3D theater piece produced by minuseins, the Academy for Theatre and Digitality and Schauspiel Dortmund. It is the starting point to one of the biggest VR project series, including Das HOUSE 0.2, an interactive installation and follow up, which was part of “Kepler's Gardens VR” - the VR festival of Ars Electronica 2020, by minuseins and Ars Electronica.

Das HOUSE 0.1 leads us into a virtual realm based between fact and fiction. Centering around a “vanished” production at the “Schauspielhaus” we wander through empty streets, during an ominous 2 year long shutdown towards the theatre, populated with strange and sometimes familiar people, creatures, stories. Some say, for years a original sized replica of destroyed “Notre Dame” is being built somewhere in the heart of the theatre. People go there, people disappear there. Maybe we will find out…?

Das HOUSE 0.1 is one of the works pioneering open source software “Mozilla Hubs” for theatrical productions. minuseins develops their own tools and setup for Mozilla Hubs, which broadens the way in which stories can be told and shown in VR environments.

Short Video captured from virtual Ars Electronica Festival 2020 (video may appear “juddery” because of capturing reasons)

Presentation at Ars Electronica 2020

Short Video @“Das HOUSE 0.1”

Roman Senkl is a Dortmund and Berlin-based writer, dramaturg and director. His work focuses heavily on hybrid and (post)digital theatre and technology. He worked as a dramaturg at Schauspiel Dortmund (2018-2020) and the Academy for Theatre and Digitality. He co-founded the art collectives onlinetheater.live, Digitale Dramaturgie, Initiative Interface, minuseins and „Die Plattform Graz“.

Nils Corte is a Berlin-based programmer, author and producer of theater plays. His artistic focus lies on the visualisation and utilisation of virtual reality in performance contexts. He developed the award winning multilayer visualisation software Pepper’s Holosuite and recently wrote and produced the holographic theatre play Murder on the Holodeck (2019).

Together, they work as realityFix aka minuseins – a Berlin and Dortmund-Based digital theatre and arts project with a strong focus in innovative technologies and interactive storytelling. Together they research, develop and produce mixed and virtual reality theatre, interactive software and (post)digital media arts. Currently (oct 2020) they are researching new ways of interaction and visualization at the intersection of hybrid spaces, between offline and virtual reality, at the Academy for Theatre and Digitality in Dortmund. In Cooperation with Nils Gallist (3D Design / Animation), Armin Luschin (Coding / Cloud Administration), David Seul (3D Design / Animation), The Talking Animals Collective (3D Design / Animation), Max Schweder (Audio Reactive Visuals) and Harald Günther Kainer (Sound / FX) they created and present Kepler’s Virtual Gardens – Ars Electronicas version of mozilla hubs social vr platform.

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