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New Opera Technologies (Hauke Berheide and Amy Stebbins)

type of project: fellow research project

published: 2020

by: Hauke Berheide and Amy Stebbins



maintainer(s)/contact: or

part of: Oper Frankfurt, Bayerische Staatsoper, Duisburg Philharmonik

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New Opera Technologies

We are a composer and a director/librettist collaborating on two projects. First, we are preparing a new opera for the Oper Frankfurt that will explore how digital communication technologies are altering our relationship to ourselves and to the world around us. Secondly, we want to explore the possibility of adapting our opera about war and misinformation, MAUERSCHAU (Bavarian State Oper, 2016), into a virtual reality movie.

We want to explore what projection and virtual reality technologies bring to the opera genre. This general question can be broken down into smaller questions:

How can we represent the splitting of a human subject with singers and projected images? How can specific projection technologies best be coordinated with live sound? How do we deal with musical sources when creating a virtual reality movie?

In addition, we want to question the “digital acoustic aesthetics” through its imitation by analog technology. What are the physical limitations in synthesized realities? Is there a way to make the “rest”-lessness (in the Adornian sense) of digital music clichés perceptible as a deficit? What analog translations does the environment of opera need in order to make these seemingly typically “digital” sounds physically comprehensible, graspable, concrete?

Oper Frankfurt: Bockenheimer Depot - 2 hours MAUERSCHAU: Occulus Quest - 80 min. (possibly in episode format?)

Oper Frankfurt - live Show MAUERSCHAU - VR film to be watched privately

The Oper Frankfurt piece requires the infrastructure of a professional opera house. MAUERSCHAU only requires a VR Headset.

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