type of project: fellow research project

published: 2020

by: Marco Donnarumma and Andrea Familari


license(s): CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Alike 4.0 International



Humane Methods

A poetic reflection on ethics in algorithmic societies, [Σxhale] is a procedural and participatory piece lasting several days. It develops in loops, performed simultaneously by 10 performers* and an AI. While the performers repeat a proto-prayer, the AI learns to influence the events through choreographic instructions and audiovisual stimuli. With each repetition, these loops mutate into stories of violence and empathy: the audience is asked to choose how they want to participate in these stories, and the interaction between audience, performers and AI unfolds in endless micro-narratives.

Humane Methods [Σxhale] is a research project by Fronte Vacuo, a transdisciplinary artists group founded in 2019 by Marco Donnarumma, Margherita Pevere, Andrea Familari. Fronte Vacuo exists to address the current convergence of ecological disruption, socio-political polarization and technological advance. As individual artists, Donnarumma, Pevere and Familari have been working across performing arts, media art, music and bioart for over fifteen years. Since 2014, they collaborate on hybrid performances, made of bodies, symbionts, sounds, machines and images.

Fellows Marco Donnarumma and Andrea Familiari represent the artist group at the Akademie.

[Σxhale] aims to renew the way in which people experience the socio-cultural implications of AI and how they are publicly discussed nationwide through two strategies. Firstly, based on our years of research into the synthesis of movement, sound and human-machine interaction, the piece will symbolically reveal algorithmic violence through corporeal experience. Secondly, the piece will combine dance theatre, procedural dramaturgy, audience participation, real-time music and AI in a durational, social experiment: Human and non-human actors will have to negotiate the collective ethics of their community day after day.

During the Fellowship, Marco and Andrea are focused on the relation between our AI and the dramaturgy. First, we will explore to which extent the AI can dictate the dramaturgy of the piece by, for instance, calling particular scenes instead of others or interrupting scenes at its own will. Second, we will investigate how to directly connect the AI to the behaviour of the figures on stage. To this end, we will use biosensors to gather bodily data from performers and feed them to the AI.

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