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Lasting Traits


video of 1st week pitch: 390063401

type of project: fellow research project / playON / independent (one of)

published: 2020

by: artistcollective

team / experts involved: Vivian Lu website(s): repositories: development/rehearsal blog: https:%%// license(s): MIT (optional) maintainer(s)/contact: part of: a bigger project as hyperlink(optional) cued by: humans / machines ? tags**: theater

Lasting Traits

I want to create a brand new show in Macao using digital medias whilst bringing different forms of art performance together creating a whole new blend of artistic richness in theatre. I believe that immersive technologies have unearthed a power to enhance our senses in the theatre.

Ive been trying really hard to see how I can define my project. I am a stage designer who is very passionate in bringing people together. I also wanted to extend our experiences in the theatre with more visual content that can help with understanding our emotion in the theatre. My interest lies in how I can incorporate more physical interaction and create better interconnection between people in what I produce.

Senses that I wanted to explore are “how we can touch the intangible” & “how we can see the invisible”. I wanted to research on the digital forms on ways of showing visuals but I also wanted to understand human sense more such as neuroscience and to create a brand new show that can help you understand “YOU”

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