Short Overview:

Realism Playground (Vivian Lu)

Private Viewing Layer B 2020.11.06

Private Viewing Layer C 2020.11.06

video of 1st week pitch:

type of project: fellow research project

published: 2020

by: Vivian Lu




license(s): MIT

Realism Playground

Showcasing Time & Emotion through Temperature & Color

Through this installation we want to explore multiple layers of reality, toying with the idea of people’s perception of reality, exploring what is real and what isn’t and trying to have people question and introspect what their current belief on reality it.

A big part of our project is based on Plato’s well known concept of the Allegory of the Cave, which discusses how humans perceive reality and whether there is any higher truth to existence.

Another main thing we focused on, is to use just thermal camera, and no motion camera, to achieve all of our effects. As for us, a main point was making visible what normally invisible to the naked eye,and thus wanting all our effects to be stemmed from this concept as well.

Ive been trying really hard to see how I can define my project. I am a stage designer who is very passionate in bringing people together. I also wanted to extend our experiences in the theatre with more visual content that can help with understanding our emotion in the theatre. My interest lies in how I can incorporate more physical interaction and create better interconnection between people in what I produce.

Senses that I wanted to explore are “how we can touch the intangible” & “how we can see the invisible”. I wanted to research on the digital forms on ways of showing visuals but I also wanted to understand human sense more such as neuroscience and to create a brand new show that can help you understand “YOU”


How does Your Surroundings Environment Affect Your Perceived Reality?

The second part of the installation explores how our beliefs are affected depending on the people and our surroundings. Allowing us to ponder how our confirmation bias distorts what we believe to be confirmed truths.




This last part of the installation is a meditative section, where the focus is on your breath. As this is the essence of life and the only reality we know to be true. We are alive becuase we are breathing.

In this final layer, audiences no longer see any form of themselves. The thermal camera detects the audience’s breathe, with their in + out breath transformed into a beautiful graphic and designed sound.

Due to Exclusivity we cannot share every detail of this project, but we would like to hear back from you. Contact us through or on instagram: Anyway you contact us we would always love to hear from you.

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