type of project: fellow research project

published: 2020

by: Jana Kerima Stolzer, Lex Rütten

website(s): www.thisisinternet.de

license(s): MIT

maintainer(s)/contact: hello@thisisinternet.de


Pawāaraibu - filling the vacuum


slightly windy undulations - deep turqoise - altitude 2557 meters - weather conditions: sunny - Many years after we left earth to explore new places, there was the attempt to keep it as a museum, to learn about nature and animals, about evolution. We retained solar energy to run pumps and kept artificial beings to care for the minimum of maintenance. The plan was to construct a surveillance tool to observe the evolution there from space. For those who would miss earth, for those who could be interested in learning from progress. But we looked ahead. We went into future. There is no time for flashbacks. The evolution will fill the vacuum which is left.

Pawāaraibu - filling the vacuum tells the story of a remaining drone that flies and explores the earth which has been preserved until here. In doing so, it encounters the beings that maintain the life-supporting measures, those whose eternal task it is to establish a balance between humans, nature and technology.

Metrodronis is a overarching title for a conglomerate of projects dealing with the population of the Earth by living machines.

Lex Rütten and Jana Kerima Stolzer are an artist duo working together since 4 years. The starting point of their installations and performances is often shaped by the link between human being, its technological environment and the resulting emotional challenges. In the past the duo realized scenic installations and performances at the interface between exhibition space and theatre space.

get the drone to life, give it a role, handle it as a protagonist - means it becomes a character. The audience perceives the world through the eyes of a machine, the audience becomes the machine. Some research questions are: how to visualise processing images, how to visualise processing sound, how would machines think and how would they feel, if nobody would be there to control them. How can we evolve from „uncanny moments“ to an authentic scene?

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