Short Overview:

multiVRse (Blutende Freischwimmer*innen)

video of 1st week pitch:

type of project: fellow project

published: February 2020

by: Blutende Freischwimmer*innen



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research blog: multiVRse

multiVRse (working title)

This is a tool to dissolve the singularity of virtual reality. It has two components. The first one is an app that helps calibrate and connect multiple virtual reality headsets of a constrained physical area to a shared virtual environment. The second one is a supportive software for managing and monitoring of the devices used.

The research questions the tool should help answer is:

  • What happens to the narrative when dissolving the singularity of virtual reality?
  • How do group dynamics work in a virtual environment?
  • one technician for setup
  • one technician to run the show (could be the same person)
  • several Oculus Quests (maximum tbd)
  • an isolated wireless network
  • a mark to help with calibration (optional)
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