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published: 2022





Post-Organic Bauplan

Post-Organic Bauplan is a duo from Argentina, based in Leipzig, Germany since 2018 combining different practices. POB is formed by Josefina Maro, choreographer and performance artist and Salvador Marino, Dr. in Evolutionary Biology and multimedia artist.

General concept: The concept of Bauplan comes from developmental biology to define the conservative features that are typical to determine the body of one species, this concept was closely related to the idea of an architectural plan or design of a particular body that pre-exists the body itself. By putting it together with the word post-organic, what we try to generate is a break in the original concept and create an alternative meaning where bauplan can be what the body might build through its actions and not beforehand.

We understand practices exerted by social institutions as an attempt to preserve an idea of body, natural and unmodifiable, where religion, capitalism, science, patriarchy, i.e., are constantly putting pressures that shape and limit our own constructions and experiences as corporealities. Through the experimentation with robotic prostheses we want to embody a Post-organic Bauplan that could enable us to escape from a system that tries to homogenize every-body.

Our work during the residency at Akademie für Theater und Digitalität: FASE DE CICATRIZACIÓN (eng: phase of cicatrization)

In the last phase of cicatrization, fibroblasts form a new layer to replace lost epidermal tissue. This abundant collagen secretion not only forms a scar that persists visibly, but also alters the properties of local sensitivity and thus the memory of the body.

Through corrosive and raw landscapes, the exploration of Post-Organic Bauplan´s practice is developed from the construction of, and interaction with, robotic prostheses and body research. For this instance we want to explore as well in relationship with holographic avatars and go further in the link between digital, analog and robotic bodies.

We want to continue to research dance, visuals, expanded reality and motion capture systems to go further on the creation of environments that play with the relationship between natural/artificial, organic/not-organic, body/space. We are motivated by a cross between art, technology and science that is not focused on increasing the productivity of the body but rather on bringing up questions about it. This is important for us as it is our way of exploring, opening up different experiences for us as corporealities as well as a way of meeting and connecting with other people interested in the topic of post-humanism, robotics, body modification and movement.

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