type of project: fellow research project

published: 2021

by: Peter Lorenz & Johannes Payr

website(s): www.magiccarpets.at/invisible-cities , www.peterlorenz.at, www.ludwigtechnique.net, www.johannespayr.eu

maintainer(s)/contact: Peter Lorenz (arts@peterlorenz.at)


Performance Delivery & robotic Performance Space (Peter Lorenz & Johannes Payr)

During our last joint project “Invisible Cities Innsbruck”, we started to develop an interactive performance machine that fits into a pizza box. This device enables a participatory theatre experience in times of a pandemic, since it can be delivered directly to the audience's home. Without human performers, the machine can talk to the audience, record responses, take photos and videos, and show images printed on transparencies and changeable with mechanical rollers, while respecting all hygiene regulations.

In our research residency, we continue to develop the existing prototype of the machine and expand its basic functions. Initially, we will experiment with several pairs of rollers placed at different angles to each other in order to add several layers to the visual world of the performance. We will also test the possibilities of different input methods and thus extend the interactivity with the audience. Based on this, we experiment with new graphic, mechanical and light-based animation techniques, such as RGB colour filters, moiré effect and rotoscoping. In doing so, we hope to bring new spatial dimensions to the performativity of the pizza box performance using analogue animation.

In the course of our research residency, the prototype will be developed into a reproducible open-source toolkit that can be filled with any content. The intensive exchange of technology and dramaturgical conception remains in the foreground. We are asking ourselves how dramaturgical building blocks can be implemented and combined mechatronically to make the performance pizza box as versatile as possible. This new performance format can then be filled with different contents in different contexts and thus deliver theatre pandemic-proof to new audiences directly to their homes. We all know how to order a pizza and this established format of pizza delivery will be technologically opened up for theatre delivery through our work.

At the end of the research residency, we will use these combinations of technologies developed on a small scale as techno-dramaturgical building blocks, to develop a concept for applying these to a robotic stage space. The adaptation of the dimensions of all elements as well as the compatibility with DMX-controlled lighting systems form the basis for this. Working out a technical concept for this with plans and a model will lay the foundation for these technologies to be implemented and applied as interactive stage machinery in theatres and performance spaces.

How can we expand modes of interaction with the box?
How can this format be turned into a reproducible open- source toolkit?
How can Invisible Cities be turned into an ecologically tourable site-specific production for other cities?
How can the pizza Box Technology be extended into a robotic performance space?
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