type of project: fellow research project

by: Vesela Stanoeva



Title: SunWithin (AT)

Year: 2020/2021

Technique: installation, digital print, 360° film, 3d animation, VR, sound design and text

Size: height 300 cm x width 498 x depth 423 cm

Credit line for publications: courtesy of the artist

Sound design: Christian Bröer

Narrator: Linda Elsner

Animation supervision: Lennart Oberscheidt

TouchDesigner supervision: Andrea Familari

Setting and construction help: Sarah Haas

Funding: Funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia as part of the Individual Artists' Funding Program, as well as by the Academy for Theater and Digitality and the Federal Cultural Foundation

Commissioned by NRW-Forum Düsseldorf


SUN WITHIN is a MR-installation that explores the topic of PARADISE not as a place but as a state of consciousness. The protagonist is going on a special mission through the fictional worlds of collective consciousness from the Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Civilizations of Light, who are dedicated to assist humanity to transition into a new Era of Peace, Harmony, Unity, Oneness, Prosperity, Love and Wellbeing for Planet Earth.

Vesela Stanoeva is a Dortmund based artist, lecturer, curator and scenographer. The focus of her artistic work is the encounter with identity problems and their manifestations. The resulting participatory, sensual and immersive works of art manifest themselves in hybrid experiences that take up the uncertain future of the post-anthroposcene and transform it both virtually and physically into dream-like worlds and surreal nightmares.

How can technology augment reality for the purpose of inducing spiritual or mystical experiences and altered states of consciousness?

The project is made using Maya, Touchdesigner, Cubase, Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.

The installation: It is one 2,7 m high and 15 m long printed curtain hanging from the ceiling. On the ceiling will be mounted a spiral shaped rail (see image bellow) which is composed of four parts (flat packed). Plus the one seating island (modified Fatboy with pulse sensors, Arduino and ideally a holder for the VR headset) inside of the spiral.

Technical rider: - Computer*, preferably a tower with i9/i7, 32 GB, RTX 3080/3070/ or 2×2080 (about the GPU I could tell more in two weeks) - Display, mouse and keyboard - Oculus Quest 2 - Modicap VR Soundkit - USB cable to connect the Arduino to the computer - additionally I will need some spotlights inside the spiral * the computer can be placed up to 10 meters away from the installation.

render of an ocean

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