minuseins aka reality Fix are a Berlin and Dortmund-Based digital theatre and arts project with a strong focus in innovative technologies and interactive storytelling. Together they research, develop and produce mixed and virtual reality theatre, interactive software and (post)digital media arts. Currently (oct 2020) they are researching new ways of interaction and visualization at the intersection of hybrid spaces, between offline and virtual reality, at the Academy for Theatre and Digitality in Dortmund. In Cooperation with Nils Gallist (3D Design / Animation), Armin Luschin (Coding / Cloud Administration), David Seul (3D Design / Animation), The Talking Animals Collective (3D Design / Animation), Max Schweder (Audio Reactive Visuals) and Harald Günther Kainer (Sound / FX) they created and present Kepler’s Virtual Gardens – Ars Electronicas version of mozilla hubs social vr platform.

Roman Senkl (Artistic Director) is a Dortmund and Berlin-based writer, dramaturg and director. His work focuses heavily on hybrid and (post)digital theatre and technology. He worked as a dramaturg at Schauspiel Dortmund (2018-2020) and the Academy for Theatre and Digitality. He co-founded the art collectives, Digitale Dramaturgie, Initiative Interface, minuseins and „Die Plattform Graz“.

Nils Corte (Technical Lead) is a Berlin-based programmer, author and producer of theater plays. His artistic focus lies on the visualisation and utilisation of virtual reality in performance contexts. He developed the award winning multilayer visualisation software Pepper’s Holosuite and recently wrote and produced the holographic theatre play Murder on the Holodeck (2019).


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